Dear Clubbers,

What intelligent students we have in AuditionSEA! We are proud of all our students from our Perfect Students who scored the highest Perfect in Principal's Room, to our lucky students among those who answered the Trivia Questions correctly! Here are your rewards!


Each player that gets the Trivia answer right and are invited to join the GMPrincipal's game room will be included in our Happy Student draw! The teacher will randomly select 6 lucky students to win a prize.

Students who achieve the Highest Perfect in the game room will win themselves a Perfect Student Award from GMPrincipal too!

Bring allow your school backpacks and show them off at our event to win yourself a bonus prize. Players carrying the following back accessories will win themselves a rare accessory prize!

School Backpacks:
  1. Branded Backpack Purse
  2. Cupcake Backpack
  3. Red Case Girl Backpack / Black Case Boy Backpack

Perfect Student Award Ancient Scholar Set (14 days)
Happy Student Draw Prize Happy Family French Fry Bag (7 days)
Backpackers Prize Bon voyage Doll Plane (14 days)

Perfect Student
LimeLight Lara_
Exralie Colon
Pyrne ~xErelaAlive
Zyrne Despondency
-AHXUE- Xyrne
Happypills ~HiariSayz

Happy Student
Cyrne PAE
AkuZvryne Vexified
Tako HeonSeung

Students with Backpacks
~CHERRYx3 Anerapiaz joou StereoHearts
~HikariSayz Cruxel Levore -SYL
~Mnemophobia Cyrne Men Tako
AhhuiLehz Despondency Pyrne Tyl
AkuZvryne Happypills QR Vexified

- AuditionSEA Administrator