Installation Guide

Due to the many great songs and game content in AuditionSEA, the installation file can be quite big in size. Here is a comprehensive guide on how you can download the installer client, install the game and start playing!

InstallCore    Downloading    RAR Part Files   
Installation    Patching    Window Mode

Downloading InstallCore

  1. First you need to download the game client. Go to our Download Page and click on Download Full Version.
  2. Double click on the "InstallCore" icon and "Run" to start the installer.
  3. Click Next Step for step 1 to start downloading the game client.
  4. Click Next Step for step 2
    1. If you do not wish to install the recommended programs, uncheck all options before clicking on Next Step.
    2. If you wish to install any of the recommended programs, check the options before clicking on Next Step.
  5. Click Next Step for step 2
    1. If you do not wish to install any of the programs, click on "I Decline".
    2. If you wish to install any of the programs, click on "Next Step" and the program will be installed on your computer.
  6. The download will begin and you must wait for your download to complete.
  7. Once the download is complete, click on "Next Step"
  8. After clicking on "Open", you will find a ZIP file in the folder where you saved your download. Please refer to HERE   for the installation guide.
  9. InstallCore program allows you to Pause and Resume your download. The InstallCore icon will disappear from your desktop once you have finished downloading the game client.

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Downloading Full Game Client

  1. First you need to download the game client. Go to our Download Page and click on Download Full Version.
  2. When the download pop-up appears click on Save and choose where you wish to save the file.
  3. The download will begin and you must wait for your download to complete.
  4. If you have problems downloading large files on your PC, you can try using a download manager program such as FlashGet to help. Download Manager programs help to speed up your download and allow you to Pause and Resume your download.
  5. Once the download is complete, you will find a ZIP file in the folder where you saved your download. This ZIP file will contain your AuditionSEA game installer.
  6. Extract the installer files from the ZIP file. In the folder you extracted the files too, you will see the following files.
    Please take note that you require all files in the folder to run the installer smoothly. After extracting the file, make sure all the correct files are in the folder. If there are any missing files, please try to re-extract the ZIP file or re-download the installer.
  7. Run the Setup.exe file to start the installer. Once you run the installer, the installation will begin. Please take note that it might take a while for the file to launch, so please wait patiently for the installer window to open.

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Downloading RAR Part Files

  1. Under the RAR Part Files section, there will be a list of all the part files for the Full Game Client.
  2. Click on Part 1 link to download the first RAR file.
  3. Download all the RAR Part Files from Part 1 to the last Part.
  4. You need to fully download all RAR Part Files to ensure the file will work properly.
    1. Any Part File that has been corrupted during downloading will prevent you from extracting the Game Client properly.
    2. In the case of a corrupted file download, you can simply re-download the Part File with the error.
    3. If you are still unable to extract the file properly, re-download all the Part Files to ensure they all have no errors.
  5. After you complete downloading all the Part Files, locate the folder where you stored the downloaded files.
  6. You will need a program such as WinRAR or 7Zip to extract the Part Files successfully.
  7. Right click on RAR Part File Part 1 and select Extract Files.
  8. In the File Extract window you can select where you want to extract the file to.
  9. Click OK to start extracting the files.
    1. With the RAR Part Files, you only need to extract RAR Part 1.
    2. All the other data stored in the other files (Part 2 - Part 10) will automatically extract out in order.
    3. You do not need to select RAR Part 2 - Part 10 to extract.

  10. If extracted successfully, you will be able to find your Full Game Client fully extracted!
  11. After extracting the file, you can run the installer client to install AuditionSEA.

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Once you have finished downloading the Full Game Client, you're ready to install our game!

  1. Open the AuditionSEA_Setup_6171 file and double click on "setup.exe" to start the Installer.

  2. Follow the instructions on the Installer to start installing the game.
  3. Select Browse to change where you would like to install the game or click on Next to let the game install in the default directory.
  4. Click Next to add AuditionSEA in your Start Menu Folder and continue your installation.
  5. Click Next to add a Desktop Icon and Start Menu Shortcut and install the game.
    1. If you do not wish to add a Desktop Icon, uncheck the "Create a Desktop icon" option before clicking on Next.
    2. If you do not wish to add a Start Menu Shortcut, uncheck the "Create shortcut in start menu option before clicking on Next.
  6. Once you click Next, your installation will begin. Please note that the installation will take several minutes.
  7. You may click on Cancel during the installation process if you wish to stop installing the game.
  8. Once you have completed the installation, you can leave the Launch AuditionSEA checked and click Finish to close the installer and immediately run the AuditionSEA Patcher.

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Congratulations! You have finally completed downloading and installing the game. You're almost ready to run the game.

  1. First you will need to make sure your game is patched to the latest version.
    1. If your Patcher did not automatically launch after the installation process, go to your game folder where you installed the game and run "patcher.exe".
    2. If the game is not the latest version, the Patcher will run to patch the game to the latest version. You can also edit some minor options in the Patcher.
      1. Check the Window Mode to run the game in window mode (the game runs in Full Screen on default).
      2. Check the Auto Start to begin the game automatically when the patcher is finished patching (do not need to click Game Start).
    3. If you have any errors with your auto patcher, you can download the latest Manual Patch at our download page.
      1. You must download the Manual Patch and patch the files in the proper sequence.
      2. For example, if your installed game client is Version 6197, you need to download and patch "Version 6197 to 6198" first before downloading and patching "Version 6198 to 6199".
    4. Once your game has been patched to the latest version, click on Game Start (if you do not have Auto Start activated) to launch the game!
    5. Once you are in the game you will be in the Login Screen. Key in your Login ID and Account Password to login and start dancing!

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    Window Mode

    If your game is still unable to run in Window Mode after checking the option in the patcher, here is a simple guide on how to manually adjust the settings!

    1. Go to your Game Folder where you installed the game and search for the file "Config.ini".
    2. Right click on the file and select "Open With...".
    3. Look for the Notepad program and select OK. In the Notepad, you will see this:
    4. Change the text to match this:
    5. Save the changes made in the Notepad file and close it. Run the game and it will launch in Window Mode.
    6. For users who encounter the error message "Cannot create file "[folder\Config.ini. Access is denied.", please make sure you are running as the computer's Administrator account.
      1. For Windows XP Users:
        1. Copy the "Config.ini" file onto your desktop.
        2. Edit and save the file on your desktop.
        3. Copy/Cut the file and replace the file in your Game Folder.
      2. For Windows Vista/7 Users:
        1. Click on Start and use the Search Bar to find "Notepad".
        2. Right click on "Notepad" and select "Run as Administrator" and select "Allow".
        3. Click on "File" and select "Open...". Locate the "Config.ini" file and follow the steps above to edit the file.

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