Dear Clubbers,

What is your favourite pose? Submit a picture of yourself performing your favourite pose or you can rally your friends together and submit a couple pose!

Photo Sticker Booth
Event Period: 01 September - 30 September, 2012
Submission Method (Live Event): Photos taken Live at the Birthday Party will be automatically entered for the contest
Submission Method: Email your entries to including your IGN

If you join us at AuditionSEA's 6th Birthday Party on 2nd September, you can head on to our Photo Sticker Booth and have your picture taken and instantly enter the contest. Taking a Photo Sticker at our booth will instantly reward you with a premium prize!

If you are not able to join us at our Birthday Party (you'll be missing out though), don't worry as you can still snap a picture of yourself and join the contest!

Online Photo Sticker Contest

  • Put on your best outfit and take a photo of yourself.
  • You can try and match the same outfit as your own avatar! If you can't find a matching outfit, you can also try matching the same motion!
  • You can add any designs you like in image editing programs such as Photoshop.
  • Make sure you include your IGN (Case Sensitive) in the final photo entry.

All picture entries from the Live Birthday Party and Online Submissions will be posted up on our official Facebook page in a Photo Album.

Everyone can come vote for their favorite photo! The highest voted photo will win an amazing prize!

Highest Voted Photo Sticker DJ King Deck (30 days)
Selected Photos Posted on Facebook Birdy Booster Fan (14 days)
Online Photo Participation Prize Moo Moo Set (7 days)
Photo Takers at Live Birthday Party Special Premium Prize

Submit your pictures now!

Don't forget to check out all our events news and details about our fun-filled AuditionSEA Birthday Party!

Rules and Restrictions
    Players must submit a real life photo.
  1. All entries must include their character's accurate in-game nickname (IGN) which should be included in the email submission and/or included in the edited image itself.
  2. Any entries that do not include the required details will be disqualified.
  3. Voting of all entries will be based on the number of Likes the image has received on Facebook at the end of the event.
  4. Any entries that do not follow the rules or include the required details will be disqualified.
  5. All entries must not include anything offensive or inappropriate. Entries that are deemed inappropriate and/or offensive will be disqualified and the participant will be dealt with according to the User Abuse Policy.
  6. By partaking in this event, participants agree to have their images used by the AuditionSEA Management for publicity purposes (e.g. Posting on public sites such as Facebook, etc).
  7. The Management and GMs reserve all rights to alter the conditions of the event and/or the event prizes as they deem fit.
  8. All GM decisions are final.

- AuditionSEA Administrator