Happy birthday to AuditionSEA!

Don't be upset if you can't join us in the Live on Fire Competition to show off your guitar rocking skill, we have planned a guitar battle just for you!

That's right! AuditionSEA has turned 6 years old in 2012, and we wish to celebrate it together with our players with a Fiery Birthday Event! Players who were unable to make it to our live event last week will still have a chance to celebrate this happy occasion with our GMs!

You may also take this opportunity to challenge the GMs in a crazy rockout match with the fastest Fiery Concert song in AuditionSEA history!

Fiery Rockers
Date: 14 September 2012, Friday
Time: 1500 - 1630 Hrs (+8 GMT)
Server/Channel: Free - Event Channel
Game Mode: The Fiery Concert - Guitar Mode
Song: Random Music / Decided by GM

  • GMs will host Event rooms for the players to join and all players are welcome to join the event.
  • Beat our GM and be rewarded an amazing hidden avatar set!
  • Come dressed as a spikey Durian! Put on the Durian Spikes Set and join the event to win a prize.
    • Observers who put on the Durian Set and join the event rooms will also be eligible for the prize.
    • Only the Durian Set under the Fashion Mall Set category is eligible for the prize.
  • Show off your sweet tunes at the event by playing with the GM while using the Ice Cream Flowery Acoustic Guitar and stand to win another bonus prize!

Beat the GM Cutie Strawberry Set (7 days)
Durian Spikes Clubbers Smiley Guitar (14 days)
Ice Flowery Acoustic Guitar Clubbers Cutie Strawberry Bag (7 days)
All Other Players X2 EXP Item (10 Usage)

Rules and Restrictions
  1. All players wearing the Durian Spike Set avatar from the "Set" category in Fashion Mall and join the event rooms will be eligible for the prize.
    • Observers in the event room who are also wearing the Durian Spikes Set will also be eligible for the prize.
    • Only the Durian Spikes Set avatar is eligible for the prize. Wearing the Durian Wink Hat only will not be eligible for the prize.
  2. Players using the Ice Cream Flowery Acoustic Guitar are eligible for the prize only if they are in the same event room and played with the GM.
  3. Players who create fake rooms prior to the start of the event will be fined a total sum of 200,000 Dens or be de-leveled by 1 level if they have insufficient funds.
  4. Players who have played once, regardless of their score, are not permitted to enter the room again to play another round. GMs hold all rights to kick players who defy this rule.
  5. Players found to be playing the event for a second time will receive prizes based on the first round of game play regardless of their score for any other rounds.
  6. Players who constantly abuse rules 2 and 3 will be disqualified and will not receive any prizes for the event.
  7. Players who use any offensive, inappropriate, abusive representations and etc. will result in disqualification & will face disciplinary actions dealt according to our User Abused Policy.
  8. All event prizes will be credited within 3-7 working days after the results have been announced on the web site.
  9. GMs hold all rights to alter the conditions of the event and prizes as they see fit.
  10. All GMs decisions are final.

- AuditionSEA Administrator