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  • Weekly Scheduled Maintainance (26th July 2016)[25/07]

    Please be informed that there is a Weekly Maintenance Update on 26th July 2016, Thursday from 0800 ~ 0900 Hrs (GMT+8).

  • Urgent Maintainance Fixing[14/07]

    Game service has resumed since since 1530Hrs (GMT+8)

    Please be informed that there is a Urgent Maintenance Update on 14th July 2016, Thursday from 1300~1530 Hrs (GMT+8).

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  • KPop Test Results[25/07]

    We've got the ultimate KPop Fangirls and Fanboys! We also have utmost Goddess of Kpop Test that scored the highest correct answer and she is no other than HYORI! Congratulations to all Winners of the Day and Bonus Winner!

  • Mr & Mrs Perfect Final Result[25/07]

    Enough of the wait hence here's the overall winners for Mr & Mrs Perfect. Congratulations to Eudaemonia and Eudamonia. Top 3 couples will battle against the top 3 couples in "My Boyfriend is better than yours" for top 3 slots in Bonus Round. Top 3 couples from the bonus round will be crowned as Couple Of The Year and will win cash prize, couple points & rare items! Congratulations to all players who are selected for the bonus round!

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  • Do You Dare?[18/07]


    As all clubbers are aware, we have a cheeky GM that loves teasing all clubbers. So let's play a bet with Gm Galayth. If all players are able to spend 20 Million cash, Gm Galayth will provide 50% sales. So what are you waiting for?

  • K Pop Test[18/07]


    How much do you know about the KPop world? Have you been keeping track of all the juicy details and interesting news? Well, show us how much you know in our KPop Daily Test!

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Ranking FAM Name FAM Points
1 Legends 4964564
2 Grudge 3459761
3 FlameOut 2906685
4 _AngKongKia_ 1753962
5 Regal 1567251
6 ~HSH~ 1448476
7 I~Casino~I 1406147
8 ~FULL~HOUSE~ 1372172
9 _WeR~NoRULE_ 1361064
10 Fortitude 1315387
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Ranking NickName Level Grade
1 BabyXue 99 Maestro (Gold)
2 Herlolli 99 Maestro (Gold)
3 veile 99 Maestro (Gold)
4 Elori 99 Maestro (Gold)
5 Remy 99 Maestro (Gold)
6 Brandt 99 Maestro (Gold)
7 TROYY 99 Maestro (Gold)
8 BabyYang 99 Maestro (Gold)
9 Hislolli 99 Maestro (Gold)
10 ~HEART 99 Maestro (Gold)
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