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  • @Cash Conversion Service Issue 08/04[08/04]

    Kindly be informed that the cash conversion service has resumed since 1656 Hrs (GMT +8).

    We are aware that players are encountering issues when converting @cash via Asiasoft Passport.

  • Temporary Link to Manual Patch (8 April 2014)[08/04]

    You may download the latest Manual Patch file for Version 6178 from the link below.

    Click on the link below to download the Manual Patch from different mirror site.

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  • Sundown Summer Party Results[11/04]

    Congratulations to all the winners who won themselves a hidden item. We hope all of you enjoyed the event.

  • Introduction On April 2014 Patch Items[08/04]

    It's summer time and it's a time to enjoy the sun and beautiful beach~ This patch we bring a fun filled Summer patch with Bulletin Block Feature and of course lots of hottest Summer fashion & music!

    Check out the sneak preview video for more excitement!

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  • Summer Beat Up Party[15/04]


    Come join our Summer Beat Up Party and dance with our GMs! Flex your fingers and walk away with a cool beautiful hidden wing.

  • Space Pang Pang Competition Quarter-Finals[15/04]


    We've never had a space pang pang competition before, how about one in year 2014? Are you excited for the pang pang session?

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  • @Cash Promotion
  • Free @Cash
Ranking FAM Name FAM Points
1 Grudge~2 2445099
2 Grudge 1965738
3 ~HSH~ 1435583
4 ~FULL~HOUSE~ 1371785
5 Supreme 1230285
6 -xPeacefulx- 1132295
7 Fortitude 1057971
8 _AngKongKia_ 853693
9 _WeR~NoRULE_ 785392
10 ~AIRCRAFT~ 688570
More FAM Ranking
Ranking NickName Level Grade
1 Remy 99 Maestro (Gold)
2 Elori 99 Maestro (Gold)
3 BabyXue 99 Maestro (Gold)
4 Herlolli 99 Maestro (Gold)
5 veile 99 Maestro (Gold)
6 BabyYang 99 Maestro (Gold)
7 -FANN 99 Maestro (Gold)
8 ~HEART 99 Maestro (Gold)
9 dauntless 99 Maestro (Gold)
10 FieryBo 99 Maestro (Gold)
More Clubber Ranking
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